Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wii Fit reviewed

I bought my mom the Wii Fit for Christmas, and she's been eating up the Wii Sports game and Tiger Woods Golf for the past three months. I finally decided to try out Wii Fit to see if it was something I'd like to buy for myself now that they're not so scarce. I have to say, it's a lot of fun. The balance games are great, and I can see how all of the aspects could keep someone really motivated. Here are the pros and cons as I see them:

Pros -
It's a lot of fun. If you're looking for a way to make exercise a game, then this is a good way to go.

If you have a hard time with self-motivation, then the Wii Fit could be useful. It also encourages you to set a goal for yourself every two weeks, which is a reasonable short-term goal.

The more you work out, the more new exercises you open up. This keeps things fresh.

The strength training exercises are really good. It made me go through planks and push ups really slowly, which is really good. I think it makes you focus on form while on the balance board.

Cons -
I disagreed with the BMI it gave me. I know this might make my scale at home wrong, but Wii Fit said I weight 10 lbs more than my scale does. I didn't like that it doesn't ask if you're already athletic. For people who are really athletic (I wish I was, but the point is still valid), BMI measurements are inaccurate.

The yoga positions only use the balance board to check your form. I know this is a limitation of the technology, but just because the board says I'm on balance doesn't mean I'm performing the yoga poses correctly. I still think it's best to learn yoga from an experienced yoga teacher. Notice I said experienced. Yoga has exploded in recent years, and sometimes it's hard to find someone who isn't a hack.

There should be some caption about the kind of workout gear that should be worn while working out. The "running", while running in place inside, still requires a sports bra for women. That was an uncomfortable three minutes....

All in all, I think it's a great tool for people who are not in shape at all and don't have any kind of exercise routine. For those who are already working out regularly, it's a fun way to get in a little extra exercise while playing a game. I may or may not get the game myself. It depends on whether or not I feel like blowing $90 on that or clothes. :)

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