Sunday, November 11, 2012


It's been a while since I've posted (which is definitely becoming the norm), and it's because my schedule is super busy - as always. Right now I'm blogging from Barcelona, where I'm spending a little time for work. Running lately has happened sporadically, but at least I'm trying to keep some sort of training schedule. Having a couple races in the near future keeps me motivated.

While I'm blogging from a different locale, I thought I'd highlight some tricks I've picked up on my various travels both in the US and overseas. If you're anything like me, taking a vacation or traveling doesn't necessarily mean you have to stop running. Here's what I do to get a minimal workout in.

  • Check out the local weather and pack appropriately. It's more humid and warmer in Barcelona than it is in Atlanta right now. Consequently running in shorts and a tshirt make me look like a freak since most locals are bundled in coats and scarves, even the runners. 
  • If you're participating in any long runs or races, don't assume your usual supply of goodies (gels, recovery drinks, etc) are readily available and bring your own. 
  • Most hotels have a gym. If you don't care to run outdoors in unfamiliar territory, use the gym.
  • If you do decide to venture out, many hotels can provide a pre-mapped course for runners around the hotel. For this trip I studied a local map around the immediate area. 
  • Be flexible. If you absolutely can't run, there are lots of good exercises you can do inside your hotel room that won't disturb your neighbors. Think squats, lunges, push ups, etc. 
  • Drink plenty of water. I have found that no matter where you travel, it's hard to stay hydrated. 
Well, that's it for me! Wherever you run, be safe and have fun.