Saturday, April 25, 2009

Training session #1

It is so awesome to hang out with other runners, regardless of their achievements or skill level. The training group was divided up into three smaller groups - Walk/Run, Novice, and Intermediate. I chose to follow the intermediate schedule, which involved a 35 minute run this morning. I ended up being the last to finish by a couple minutes, but that was to be expected considering how the last few weeks have been mileage-wise. I felt really good the whole run, but my energy levels just pooped out on me in the last 10 minutes. Again, that was expected. I will continue training following the schedule the head coach gave us, so I should be up to speed next week. The coach that handled my group was really talkative, and she had great things to say. The emphasis for everyone is endurance, not speed. There were a couple people in my group who ran really fast...I'm not sure if they felt like it was a race or if they're just faster runners.

The best part is that my coach has a pace so steady that it really helps me avoid the most common of runner's problems - starting out too fast. I think she kept about an 11 minute mile pace, which is a tad faster than what I'm used to running but it's good to push myself.

The training groups meet at a running store in Sandy Springs called Phidippedes. Next week we have our first training seminar, so I'll have more to discuss then. I may buy a new pair of running shoes. I get 10% off all my purchases and since some of the employees are helping with the training they'll be able to determine which shoe is best for me. Yay!!

If you want to get serious about running, I highly recommend running with a coach. I know today was my first experience, but already I'm hooked. Real runners don't look down on you because you run slower than they do, or if you haven't completed a marathon yet. If you run, you're a runner. That's it. It's okay if you walk some of it. The camaraderie is worth it. :)

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