Thursday, April 2, 2009

April showers...

So it's been really soggy in the Atlanta area lately. Fortunately for me the rain let up today just long enough for me to hit the park and pound out 3 miles. I've decided for a super short term goal to see if I can lengthen my stride a bit while running. To do this I think about lifting my knees up a little higher, not about extending my feet forward. It really does work, and I run quite a bit faster while doing least it seems a lot faster to me. The hard parts are 1. I keep forgetting to focus and my stride turns into little baby steps again 2. it seems a little bit easier to run faster this way, but it actually wears my legs out. That's probably why I can't seem to maintain this new change for very long. I'm hoping that by pushing myself like this on shorter distances (I can't believe I'm at the point that 3 miles is short!!) I can build more endurance for the 10k coming up soon (6.2 miles). Btw, if you scroll all the way down you can see my new tracker for the Peachtree. Yay!!

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