Monday, June 17, 2013

Gearing up for training!!

So I got my training plan all marked up in my training journal so I know exactly how much time I have left to get ready for training. Basically I have a month to get back into regular running, and now that I have a deadline looming I suddenly feel very motivated. This is why signing up for races work so well. You run out of excuses because it's sink or swim baby!

The training plan I am using is the same as the one I used for my last two half marathons. For the Publix I didn't train enough before it was time to really start adding the miles, so that was why I was injured. The one before went really well because I trained pretty consistently, and I felt pretty good.

For those that are looking for good training plans, I like the ones that are available for free on Hal Higdon's website. Free is awesome :) Plus the site has good advice and training plans for all levels. If those don't float your boat there are lots to choose from online.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Staying busy

Well despite the best of intentions, my running suffered quite a bit over the last 6 weeks. Work was crazy and my foot gave me lots of issues, not to mention the crazy weather we've been having in the Atlanta area. I swear there has only been one dry weekend since I last posted.

So now I think my schedule will begin cooperating with me. My foot is better after a few trips to the podiatrist. Unfortunately it still hasn't stopped raining but oh well. I am still running a half marathon in October, so I have to get back into training mode soon. I am looking forward to that since I can tell I'm about to start gaining weight back if I don't start doing something more active than sitting.

Some things I will try this summer:

  • Speed work - I attempted it last summer and it seemed to help
  • Hills - I can run 3 miles on a flat surface, but for some reason hills get me right now. Must work on that to build stronger muscles
  • Strength training - I didn't realize how good it was for training until I stopped
So those are my goals. Let's see how I do!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Catching Up

Alright, it's been a while......that happens a lot, but here I am!

So here's how the final leg of my training went for the Georgia Half Marathon. Basically I jumped into training too quickly without maintaining a good base, so that caused a few issues. The first issue was my knee, which I wrote about earlier. Basically my right IT band was being strained, which caused the outside of my knee to hurt. An IT knee strap helped a lot. I'd rather not have to rely on a knee strap to run, but it's been helpful so I'll keep using it while focusing on strengthening my IT bands on cross training days. The second issue was my left foot. Last year I started to get heel pain, and it was finally diagnosed as plantar fasciitis. I wear a boot when I sleep, and I've been trying to wear more flats at work instead of my usual pumps and incorporating calf exercises during cross training. Unfortunately it's still painful. I need to get back to the podiatrist so I can deal with it more directly.

Considering everything though, I did pretty well at the half! I tried out KT Tape, which is AMAZING! I mean, it's just a band-aid for the injuries but it did help me finish the race in a decent time. My time ended up being 2:40, which is only 8 minutes longer than my PR. If I can keep up training this summer I can run other races in a decent time.

All in all - I'm doing okay. I just need to address my foot issue and make sure I stay on top of a bare minimum with my running. I've been doing a lot of cross training too, and I've been improving my strength. It's time to research how to make it more challenging without just adding more and more reps. It has helped my running quite a bit, and it's helped me lose some weight. Woohoo!

Monday, April 15, 2013


I had planned on making a very overdue post about my training, but then the tragedy at the Boston Marathon happened. bbiab...

Sunday, February 10, 2013

And the Verdict is....


So I bought the knee strap and tried it that day with an easy two mile run. The run went really well, and my confidence was up. I tried six miles again last weekend, and while it was a very slow six miles I did run the whole thing with no issues. Afterwards I stretched, used the foam roller, and then iced my knee. So far so good!

This week due to the weather and work schedule conflicts I only ran Wednesday evening, but it was a good three miles. The sun is beginning to stay up a little later, so it's becoming easier to run after work. Since I didn't have a chance to run seven last week I opted to stick with my training schedule and run eight today. The first seven miles were fantastic, albeit a little slow, but the final mile was brutal. The final half mile was especially hard! After the run I waited a long time before using the foam roller and icing, which probably contributed quite a bit to my knee bothering me. I did stretch, and my muscles were super tight. Maybe I should take up yoga at some point. I'll need something to force myself to stretch more. 

So that's it so far! In just a few short weeks the Publix half marathon will be upon us, and I am super excited.  It's a well organized race and the expo is super awesome. It'll be a great way to start the spring and summer seasons!