Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring has finally fully arrived!

Good God it took long enough for 80 degree F. weather to finally show up! Today's high is supposed to be somewhere around 85, which is amazing. For people who feel the need to sleep with blankets through the worst heatwaves in the summer, 85 feels like you're just beginning to thaw out. Here in the Atlanta area, it means everyone hits the parks big time. It also means that we sometimes break 100 degrees in the summer, but it's not often and even I'm dying in that kind of heat.

For me this year, it means I begin my official training for the Peachtree Road Race! Yay!!! I got my official intermediate training schedule today, and it actually doesn't look all that hard. We're supposed to run 35 minutes tomorrow morning, which ought to be fine. Even though I've been inconsistent the past few weeks, I ought to have a sufficeint mileage base already built up to handle it. I'll be able to give more details tomorrow once I've experienced our first training run. I'm giving two and a half months of sleeping in on Saturdays, but it will be well worth it.

Wish me luck!