Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Feetures Socks Reviewed

Okay. Now that I have a few minutes and access to my laptop (I blogged that picture of the socks from my phone) I can give a real review.

I had bought one of the lower end Feetures socks to wear for the Chicagoland Half Marathon, and they were great. I liked them so much (prevented blisters, wicked away sweat, etc), that I went to my local running store and bought some more. What I didn't pay attention to were the type. They were the same brand, but cool colors. Yes, I got distracted by the colors. The new ones I bought are Feetures Elite!

What's different? A lot (besides the colors). The elite version is more like a compression sock especially around the arch. They also are nice and thin, which works well for me. My feet swell like there's no tomorrow when I run. I've run a few times with the new socks, and so far I have no skin issues (blisters, sore spots, etc). I also have fewer issues in general with my feet. Talk about a good mistake to make!

The only downside is for those who are trying to be cost conscious. I bought four more pairs of socks today and spent over $50. With a discount. The lower end Feetures do cost less. The compression feels really good though, so I'm going to invest in a few more pairs. I have enough for six days of running which is one week's worth. Whether you get them is up to you, but I'm at a point in my running where it makes sense to invest in these kinds of details. My feet ended up looking horrible from all the blisters and callouses from the last training cycle, and I think these socks will help minimize that.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Best. Socks. Ever.

I will elaborate more later, but they are amazing. I just had to share. And that's my chihuweiner in the background.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I'm in love....

With my new shoes! It might be a little early to say for sure, but my run yesterday with the new shoes was awesome. I felt great, my form felt spot on, and the only issue I had was from the heat. I would have run again tonight, but it stormed.

I have to start training for my next half in a few days (Monday to be exact). This new training plan has be working out in some fashion 6 days a week. The days that are listed as strength training will be dedicated to either biking or exercises that improve my form. I'm very excited about being back in training. It's funny how that works. Towards the end of 3 months of total dedication, I can't wait for the race to be done so I can relax a bit. Now that it's been a few weeks since I've trained hardcore, I can't wait to begin again.

The best part about the last time I trained was I knew how to mentally prepare. Each time we face something we've conquered, it becomes easier to face it and to deal with known obstacles. The first time I trained for a half I got so burned out I didn't run regularly for a long time. Who knows? Maybe soon I'll be able to avoid those kinds of burn outs in the future. I anticipate it though if I ever tackle a full marathon. That's a lot of dedication!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Training Plans

As promised, here is the post with the information about training plans. My boss told me about Hal Higdon and his free training plans. I took a look and liked what I saw so much I think I'm going to use one for my next half marathon training.

Speaking of training, I keep having pain in my right shin. It's definitely a shin splint, but I don't know why it won't go away. I've not been running really, so I dunno. I'm going to take it easy a few more days and see.

I'll have to brave this insane heat and my right shin soon though because I need to rebuild my base before training officially begins. I also need to break in my new shoes! Since I'm in the middle of half marathons, I am taking advantage of the lull by trying some new shoes. They have a lot less padding which will help me with my form. They also mean my calves require some time to adjust so I've got to ease myself into them. They are amazingly comfortable though! As soon as I've had more time in them I'll post a review.

And on that note, have a happy holiday week and be safe in this heat!