Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Still struggling a bit...

I went out for a run today, which I think is an accomplishment considering I fell asleep as soon as I got home from work. I think waiting a little bit allowed the weather to cool some, but unfortunately it was still pretty warm and a few neighbors were cutting their grass. Even with my allergy meds it started to get to me. Our pollen count was nearly 6000 today. Granted a lot of it is pine pollen, which doesn't cause allergies (just makes everything yellow), but all the debris from the mowing made my exercise-induced asthma worse than it already was. The heat made it harder to run too, since my body still isn't really used to it.

The important thing to remember when you have a few bad runs is that at least you got out and tried. Figure out why they're not going well. For me, it's mostly heat and not being able to run on Mondays. Since I have trouble running on Mondays that leaves all my working out for the latter half of the week, making the rest period too long. The heat will become easier to deal with - until the summer really kicks in.

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