Sunday, April 11, 2010


For those following me on my facebook page, you already know this. I went for a run Saturday morning and was able to finish 3 miles in 39 minutes! WOOHOO! For most runners that's pretty slow. For me, that is a great improvement. I felt pretty good physically after the run, with the exception of a numb left foot, so my mood was so good all day long. Let me give you all a little background on my numb feet and how you can try to prevent it yourself.

My feet sometimes get numb because my calf muscles (and consequently my Achilles's tendons) are too tight. This normally happens towards the end of a long run for me, and is prevented by calf raises on my rest days (also good for preventing shin splints) and good stretching. This happened very close to the end of my run, so I wasn't too concerned. However, I need to be careful because you definitely don't want to damage your calf or your Achilles's tendon. David Beckham just ruptured his, and he can't even walk on that leg now. Ouch!!

So I will take this run for what it was. Awesome. LOL!


MJ said...

Don't know how I missed this over the weekend but WOOHOO!!!! I'm lucky to finish 3 miles in 36-37 minutes, so I'm right there with you. :) Congrats girl!!!

Diane said...