Friday, February 26, 2010

New running schedule

Usually I try to stick to this schedule when training - TTSS (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday). With my one and only class scheduled for Tuesdays, this creates a tiny problem. To compensate I think I'll try this modified schedule - WTSM (Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Monday). Monday's can be a tough day to run, but I get to have a rest day on Sunday, which is awesome! As much as I enjoy the benefits of running, I love sleeping more LOL! I will start tomorrow morning with an easy run with Rex (I hope). I don't know if he wants to come out to run, but I'll definitely be out.

Right now it's unseasonably cold for Georgia, so I'm still using my winter running gear. It will be excellent when the weather starts improving - my desire to be outdoors usually increases exponentially when the weather is nice. I need to start training my upper body again now that the pain in my armpit has subsided, but I have a feeling that I need to ease my way into it. The pain creeps up now and again if I've sneezed a lot but goes away quickly.

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