Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And the post-run headaches are back

For some reason I can't seem to manage my eating very well after running in the morning. I try to be good and not overeat, but I am starving and don't eat enough. This happened Saturday, but usually the headache goes away after I go to bed that night. Unfortunately this one stuck around until Tuesday. That's right. Tuesday. It turned into a full-blown migraine. Ugh! I think my shoulders were a little tight during the run too, which is common for me.

The reason I'm sharing this is because you should definitely monitor how you're feeling post-run. If you're hungry, then eat! If you feel tightness in your shoulders, try to get a massage. Both of those things would have helped tremendously. Because I haven't really trained since the Peachtree last summer, I'm realizing that I forgot some of the issues I faced then. It's moments like these that training logs really help. I need to be better about keeping one.


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Diane said...

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