Sunday, February 7, 2010

Back to running

Since I couldn't do anything weight-related on Saturday, and that's when Rex and I usually meet up with friends to work out, I spent my time on the treadmill. I had originally planned on running outside but with hail and snow we decided it was best to stay in. Treadmills have always felt like hamster wheels to me. You keep running and go nowhere. Luckily my friends spoke to me occasionally so that helped pass some time. I ended up running for 13 minutes straight, which at a 12 minute mile pace was pretty good. I took a quick two minute break and ran another 5 minutes. All in all a quick run and an improvement from my last run, which saw me running for 10 minutes straight in the first part of the run. I made sure to stretch and was a little stiff today but overall was feeling pretty good.

Of all the different workouts I've tried I still find that running is the best one for me. It works a lot of muscles, burns a lot of calories, and I feel like I've accomplished something. It's different in my mind to say "I ran 3 miles" vs "I did 30 push ups". They both have their place, and push ups help you a lot, but running makes me feel better overall.

An update on my armpit - it's still bothering me, but it's getting better. Once the pain is gone I will do a little research to see how I can strengthen my upper back to prevent another injury like this. It's a little embarrassing to have to adjust every action so your left arm hangs there like a decoration lol.

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