Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I've joined the masses...

and got a gym membership. It's a really really cheap membership ($39.90 for me and Rex each month), and we're not locked in a contract. Please learn from my experience and never, never, never sign a commitment to any kind of fitness facility. We did that several years ago and paid dearly for it because we quit going. It just wasn't doing what we had hoped (tae kwon do classes). I was excited because it was a way for me to connect with my heritage, but the classes just weren't doing it for us physically.

So this new gym is beginning to offer some classes, which is good. Rex is excited for the boot camp classes, and he will check one out tomorrow while I'm at school. They have a great selection of machines, cardio and weight, so I can get some good circuit training in. I can also start focusing on treadmill running when I can't go outside, and let's face it - it's cold right now. Georgia has been getting an ungodly amount of rain lately too which doesn't help. My favorite trails and parks are flooded almost constantly. By the time they dry out it rains again.

The gym is also 24/7, so I can go whenever I feel like it. I will probably keep sane hours, but if I feel like working out at 5 am, I can. If I feel like a midnight run, then it's available for me to do so. I'll stick to mostly cardio for now. Somehow I hurt a muscle in my armpit....but it wasn't from working out! Now whenever I sneeze or cough it tightens up like crazy and is very painful. Rex is telling me to see a doctor, but we'll see how it goes for the next few days.

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