Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Here's some brutal honesty

I haven't trained consistently in over 6 months. I've eaten for the most part like I was still training. Then the holidays came and left. School is stressful, screwing up my schedule and the kinds of foods I eat (lots of fast food). What does this add up to? I've gained some weight. *sigh* I'm not even as concerned about the number on the scale, although the scale at the doctor's office yesterday was a bit embarrassing (eek!). I'm more concerned about how lazy I feel. Blah. Ho-hum. Do I have to get up? I don't want to take the stairs. Can't the cats just bring me a glass of water? You know it's bad when you begin to wonder if cats will actually be useful.

This is really kind of a continuation of the last post I made about counting calories. I hate counting calories, but the article did make me think about how I'm eating lately. Probably way worse than I ought to be eating, and I am not getting any activity to counter the additional garbage being eaten on a consistent basis. I'm reducing my school-related stress for the next two months by taking only one class, not two. This ought to help get me back on a decent training schedule, especially since the weather (hopefully!!) will be warming up soon. Plus I have to be ready for the Warrior Dash!!

I told a friend today that I miss being in training mode. I miss the amazing feeling I had knowing that I could run and jump and be active. The endorphins were awesome! The effect all that training had on my body was amazing. I felt good, therefore I looked good.

The take from all this? I want to feel good again. I don't want to focus on dress size, jean size, whatever size, weight, or measurements. I just want to feel good. Here's to feeling good!!

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