Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring has finally arrived!

Today's temperatures will end up being close to 80 degrees, which is awesome! Tomorrow's temps are going to slightly warmer, which is even better. Unfortunately because we're all still used to cooler temps, running will be a little more difficult. We'll have to make sure to wear warmer weather clothing and keep hydrated. Hydration is always important, but because we sweat more in the heat we need more water. So here are some reminders of what you should keep in mind as the weather warms up:

- Cotton is rotten! It holds onto moisture, creating chafing and additional weight. It also doesn't breathe as much as you'd think. Wear technical clothing, including socks.

- Make sure you are hydrated. Use the color test to see how you're doing (check out the urinalysis section).

- Run in the cooler parts of the day. Keep in mind that mornings are cooler but more humid. Evenings are warmer but (for me) more convenient.

- If you have seasonal allergies, take your medicine. Once you're finished with your run, take a shower as soon as you can to get all that pollen off of your body and out of your hair.

- Wear a mesh hat or visor to keep the sun out of your eyes and face. I say mesh hat because regular ball caps trap heat, making life horrible for you. Plus I think it encourages baldness. EEK!

- Use a sports sunscreen. Neutrogena and Coppertone make great sunscreen. Apply about 30 minutes before your run so it has a chance to soak in. Plus it's less likely to run into your eyes. Ouch!!

- Have fun! Sign up for a race! Race season is upon us =)


MJ said...

thanks for the tips! I'm looking into a water bottle that's easy to carry for my runs. I've already had to start using allergy meds, and the heat can be killer!

Diane said...

I've heard good things about the hand-held bottles that Nathan's makes. Some come with insulation so the water doesn't become so hot while you're holding the bottle. I recommend trying to find one that has a strap that goes over your hand to make it less cumbersome.

Oh the allergies! One of these days I will have to make a visit to an allergist for mine.