Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Getting more consistent!

So I managed to run this weekend and on Monday like I was supposed to! Saturday's run was actually pretty bad, but I was so glad I just did it. In my book just getting out there and trying is a success. Anything to help keep the routine going is good. Why was it bad? When I am not in tip top shape my ankles get a little whiny. Case in point - about three steps into my run Saturday my ankle had a sudden sharp pain, so I ended up kind of hobbling the next few steps until I got my bearings again. I eased back into running, and the pain did go away as I ran. Since I had a rocky start I kept the run to a mile and eased up on the speed. I had also planned on running that evening with Rex, but he was tired and said he'd make up the run on Sunday.

Did Rex run on Sunday? Nope! Am I surprised? Nope! This is what happens when we allow our minds to determine the course of action. We allow the mental blocks to creep up and get in our way. I know this because it happens to me all the time. I'm not immune. The good part was Rex acknowledged this and ran with me on Monday. Monday's run was.....

Awesome! Rex is working on his pacing, which is really hard to do. Last week he wanted to start the run at about an 11 min mile pace, which is really fast for him. Consequently he runs out of energy, and the latter part of the run is really hard. This time he slowed it down to about a 13 min mile pace, which allowed him to run more towards the end. In fact, he finished that run a little faster than the last, and the distance was the same. We got to the last .10 of a mile and sprinted home. Well, I sprinted the whole way and he sprinted most of it. The feeling of accomplishment was great!!

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