Thursday, March 4, 2010

Boy it feels good to run!

I finally ran yesterday. It's a couple days later than originally planned, but it's a run which is all that counts. I decided to take it easy time wise, so I planned to just be out for about 20 minutes. To see how far I could go, I ran a full mile as best as I could. My time was 11:48, which is pretty good for a mile in my condition, but unfortunately my heart rate was really high after that and I ran out of steam. I ran a little more after taking a walk break, but it didn't last long. I walked the rest of the way home, but I made the whole trip around the neighborhood in about 23 minutes. In my book that's awesome. I felt really good afterwords too. The best part? I didn't feel like cooking, and the Papa John's by my house is really fast. Hot fresh pizza!! I am eating the left overs for lunch today YUM!!


MJ said...

Congrats on getting out there!! That is awesome you got a good mile in. :) And pizza...yummmm...I have a pizza place right next to my gym...I've been good about resisting it for a while, but this week I just might cave. :)

Diane said...

Yum!! There's nothing like a hot fresh slice of pizza!