Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The rain that will never end!

This has to be the wettest winter I've ever experienced in Georgia. I feel like we barely have the time to dry off before the next rain comes to soak everything all over again. Needless to say it's raining now, and it's supposed to rain all week. *sigh*

I skipped my run on Saturday because it was my birthday weekend, and quite frankly I enjoyed being a hermit. I slept, read books, played video games, and just hung out at home. To make sure I didn't fall too far behind, I did run on Monday. Let's just say I see why people are getting sick. Last week I was running outside in all my warmest winter gear. Monday I was in shorts and a t-shirt. I hope to run today, but it's raining pretty badly. Go to the gym you say? Well, let me give you an update on that one.

See, Rex had his complimentary session with a personal trainer. Unfortunately that went really wrong once he got home. Let's just say I totally disagree with all the guys (guys always think this is okay) who say puking after working out is okay. No way! If you ever feel like you're pushing yourself to that limit pull back. Not only did Rex get sick, but he had some serious issues with controlling his blood sugar for a few days. I think it actually made him a little hypoglycemic, which is not normal for him. See, he's a type-2 diabetic. Poor thing felt horrible for a while.

Fast forward a week. What shows up on our credit card statement? A charge for over $300 from the gym for that session. *sigh* So needless to say we're canceling the memberships. Oh well. Oh and we got our money back.

So it looks like since I live in the boonies (seriously, I drive past several pastures with cows and goat plus many horse farms just to get to work), I will have to stick to my el cheapo method of working out. Outside. At the parks. In my neighborhood. I love all of these things, but when it rains I have a tough call to make. Cross train at home, or run in the rain?

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