Sunday, March 1, 2009

What is your ideal weight?

I was surfing the web and noticed Yahoo! had an interesting article on finding out what a woman's ideal weight should be. It includes a calculator to help you determine what your ideal weight should be based on factors like age, whether or not you've had children, and how often you exercise.

Based on what I entered I should weigh just under 120 pounds. Unfortunately I weigh just under 140. My BMI is just under overweight, so I know that I have some room to lose. I just don't like seeing that kind of number being suggested to me. I know I will continue to lose weight as I train for longer distances, but some days it seems so hard. My goal isn't to lose weight, but getting fit will inevitably help me lose weight. Plus if I get all obsessive about this I won't be able to enjoy food like I do now. I could probably cut back a little in terms of sweets, portions, etc, but damn it food is awesome!

I do kind of feel better knowing about where I should be. Remember folks, women's weight is actually a range - not a fixed in stone number (typically a 5 pound range). Take everything with a grain of salt and work on your fitness goals for yourself. Don't sweat it if your body isn't Hollywood perfect. The people in Hollywood don't even have those kinds of bodies.

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