Monday, March 2, 2009 risk or annoying?

I bring this up because I am currently experiencing a migraine that is kicking my butt. I took some Imitrex, but it can take a while to kick in. I'm not sure what triggered this one. It began shortly after lunch, and it's been getting worse all day. Here's an interesting article about how migraines with auras (the kind I typically experience) doubles a person's risk of stroke. Hooray! I'm screwed! Sometimes I wonder if I should give up and just begin gorging on all the foods I love to eat. Then I wake up and realize that I would feel so sick that it wouldn't be worth it. *sigh* Does it sometimes feel like the world is working against you?

On another note, I began my graduate classes today. I hope to graduate in the next 18 months with my MBA with a concentration in project management. We'll have to see how well I stick to my training, especially where it concerns ramping up my mileage for the Peachtree Roadrace this July.

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