Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm kinda sore...

So I decided to get back into doing my push ups according to the schedule found on (thanks Si!!) since I hadn't been very good at keeping my end of the bargain to help Rex get in shape. After my sets last night, I felt really good. All day today however my abs have been sore. I'm actually glad that they hurt though. It means I got a good workout for my core last night. Yay!! I may not be able to complete 100 push ups by the end of 6 weeks, but I'll be doing a lot more than I was before, which was nothing.

I also decided to sign up for the Atlanta Track Club's training sessions to get ready for the Peachtree Road Race. They start late April and take me all the way to the race. It's supposed to be good for beginners and novices, so I hope I get a lot out of it. It will at least get me running decent distances at least once a week, while I try to squeeze in my maintainence runs during the rest of the week.

While at the park tonight walking with Rex (still working with him on getting up to running, but he needs new shoes too), I decided to see if I could do one pull up at the pull up bar. Nope!! But I could bend my elbow a bit, which is more than I thought I could do. I'd like to be able to complete 5 as my short term goal, with 20 being my ultimate goal. I will have to stop by the gym and use some of their weight machines to make this happen, but I think it's a realistic goal. Now that I'm in decent shape I feel like I can really conquer a lot physically. I'd say that's real progress!

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