Monday, December 15, 2008

It's race time!

This Saturday I will be running in the Virginia Highlands Christmas 5k. The first 500 get a free Santa hat (I hope this means the first 500 people who register because I'm sure I will get my butt kicked). Gotta love free swag! In fact, I really love race swag. All the races I've participated in so far at least had a t-shirt (even if it was ugly), but most of them also have a goody bag filled with coupons and other free stuff from the race sponsors. This year's Roswell Rise 'n Run had free pancakes after the race!

I have been training consistently for the past couple months, and with the last race I saw a definite improvement (I improved my personal record from 40:30 to 35:30). I don't anticipate that kind of improvement this time around, but I am hoping for 35:00. For most people shaving a minute off their PR is huge - 5 minutes was mind-boggling for me.

I'm still trying to find a good race to participate in for January, but I'm having a hard time with it. January is right in the middle of the slow season for races, so I might have to suck it up and go to the 5k in Marietta on January 24th. I have personal reasons for not wanting to participate in that race, and no it's not because it's a church.

I definitely recommend attending a race just to see what it's like. They're addictive!!

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