Monday, November 1, 2010

Getting back into the habit

I went for a run on Saturday, and it was pretty good! I took it easy, which meant a good walking warm up and cool down. Two miles took about 35 minutes, but that's all good. Turns out my asthma got a little mad at me, but it is mostly because I need to get into better shape. It gets better the stronger my heart and lungs are.

To keep up the good work, I planned on running tonight. Too bad I had a tension headache all day long that was just brutal. Oh well. I'll try for a good run tomorrow.

I did get to finish my entire November edition of Runner's World today, which was cool. They had a very good article about the barefoot running trend. It was good reading some of the science that's gone into people's opinions, and the consensus is that you shouldn't go from using traditional supportive running shoes to barefoot overnight. Will running shoes in the near future look different than they do now? It depends. Some people will not be able to go barefoot, period. Some will.

For now, just celebrate the runs you get in and enjoy yourself while you're out there.

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