Monday, November 8, 2010

How are you adjusting to the time change?

Now that we've "fallen back" and somehow gained an hour, the sun is setting around 5:50 pm. Considering that I get home shortly before that, running in the evenings is going to be interesting. Since I'm still in the getting fit stage, I think this will be okay. The shortest day of the year is in December, and the days get longer after that. It's not until January that I start the hardcore training for the half marathon, so I'm hoping this all works out okay.

I've also noticed a trend around this time of year. Because of the cold and darkness, I immediately begin thinking that a gym membership might be a good idea. Then I remember that I don't like gym memberships lol.

Since it's colder outside, I'm going to recap my common cold weather running ailments.

1. Exercise-induced asthma. The cold dry air irritates my lungs, which causes some fierce coughing fits. What helps? Other than just getting used to running outside, using some kind of scarf or cloth over my mouth and nose that lets me breathe in some sort of warm air. The downside? It gets nasty after a long run =/

2. Lack of motivation. Yeah, I deal with this all year long but this deals with the cold and dark evenings specifically. What helps? Making time to run when it's nicer outside, and if necessary find a treadmill.

3. Comfort food season. I will admit that tonight I had homemade mac n cheese and am drinking hot apple cider with whipped cream. Don't mind the pumpkin cookies I also ate tonight. What helps? Other than not stuffing myself stupid with high calorie foods that are freaking tasty, I just have to run and run and run. *sigh*

One of the nice things of winter running is wearing cute hats and jackets. Thanks Red for the cute running jacket!!! =)

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