Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How hot are you?

Evidently most of us think we're pretty good looking, if not hot. Woohoo! Score one point for healthy self esteem. This article from msnbc shows that collectively we're starting to look away from the false reality of television, movies, and fashion magazines and more towards our peers when judging our own looks. That's probably part of why we see obesity climbing (if a woman is a size 10 compared to obese coworkers, then she doesn't seem overweight when her health might tell a different story).

Another potential downer? Women are much more focused on muscle tone now. This is a tricky one. There is such a thing as exercise-related eating disorders, but it's good that we're beginning to shift away from just controlling weight with diet and incorporating more exercise. Sounds an awful lot like my own philosophy!

How hot am I? Well, I think I'm pretty darned cute if you ask me LOL!

Btw, there's a link in the msnbc article about an untouched Jennifer Aniston photo compared to a photoshopped version. Those Hollywood makeup artists are really fabulous!

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