Friday, January 2, 2009

I have a new cookbook!

For those that don't know, there is a movement out in foodie world that says screw "health food" and low-fat/low-carb prepackaged garbage. It says to eat whole foods (whole milk, real butter, etc) but simply eat in moderation. Overall I've found that foods made with real ingredients as opposed to processed by-products taste better and therefor satisfy my cravings better. Nothing says love like fillers. While I don't follow this philosophy completely because I still keep my eyes open for the kinds of carbs I'm eating (for lack of better descriptors brown carbs vs white carbs), protein amounts, and the kinds of fats (saturated vs unsaturated), eating real food is yummy and I haven't noticed any kind of detriment to my health and my doctor hasn't said anything.

All of that was to lead up to the arrival of my latest cookbook - How to Cook Like Your Grandmother second edition. It's a self-published cookbook by Drew Kime that goes over basics like how to mince vs dice and focuses more on flavor than nutritional content. In the end I believe we should all be accountable enough to make sure we're eating veggies with every meal and not drinking a boat load of gravy and calling it breakfast. This book even includes a recipe on how to make your own butter. Yes BUTTER!! I've made butter using this recipe over the summer and my husband loved it.

Check out the blog that goes with the cook book, and have fun in the kitchen again. I think if we all enjoyed cooking and had some of the intimidation taken out of the kitchen we'd all eat healthier and enjoy food again. Don't let food be a guilt trip.


Drew Kime said...

Diane, thanks so much for the kind words. Would you mind if I quote from this review?

Diane said...

Of course you can quote me! I'm jazzed that you found my post :)

Drew Kime said...

Can you email me? drew at

Let me know how you want to be named -- ie: full name or first and a last initial, city and/or state, etc.