Saturday, January 10, 2009

Around Peachtree Battle 5k

I definitely had a good race today! I managed to run just about all of it. I took a tiny walk break after the second mile, but I ran the rest. So far that's the best I've done. Hopefully I'll be able to run a full three miles in another week or so. I'd like to begin ramping up my mileage so that I can be really ready for the Peachtree Road Race in July.

My time was 35:23, 7 seconds faster than my PR. My running buddy Jennifer said her watch gave her a final time 20 seconds faster than the race time, but I'm happy either way. Endurance wise I'm getting much better. Towards the end I might as well have walked because I was jogging so slowly, but I kept going. The more I train, the better I will be. The next race I'm signing up for is on February 28th, so I'm seriously considering looking for something else between now and then.

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