Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Running in the Arctic

Did you Atlanta was in the Arctic? I didn't. It was colder here today than in parts of New York State. NEW YORK STATE!!! A place used to cold and snow! I'm supposed to be a resident of a city nicknamed Hotlanta for it's hot weather. Get it?

Anyway, this cold snap will hopefully end soon. Unfortunately I'm headed to the frozen north soon to visit family so I am not escaping it at all. I promise I'll quit complaining about it so much, but not just yet.

There's certainly a different way to train in this kind of weather. I was afraid that it would be a bad run because it started out a little rough. Turned out that I really just needed to give my body a chance to warm up some more. Once I got warmed up it went a lot better. It still wasn't a great run, but better than I thought it would be. It's good to just say I finished the run though, and I'm glad Red was kind enough to run with me. Running with a friend is much more enjoyable than running alone.

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