Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

With the holidays wrapping up, I think it's only natural for our minds to focus on clean slates, starting over, or improving ourselves. We have a new year coming up in a couple days, and there's a lot of focus on resolutions right now. I'm terrible at keeping them, so I don't usually make one. What helps me more is having a concrete short term goal like the half marathon I'm signed up for. Once I achieve that goal I can create a new one and move on from there.

Even though this is written for Men's Health, I think it applies to men and women equally. Check out this article that has five secrets to keeping your resolution(s). I especially like the one about getting your significant other involved, but if you're currently single (or your significant other doesn't want to work out) I think finding a friend with a similar resolution is equally as powerful. Just like running buddies, the commitment to meet a friend at the gym or to share a food journal is wonderful.

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