Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Men losing weight

Has anyone else noticed that it seems to be so much easier for men to lose weight than women? I have, and I found a cool article that helps women quit beating themselves up and just relax. Sounds like something Rex is always telling me to do, but I digress.

This article gives some really good advice (that I know I myself ought to be following). Do you ladies do a lot of weight lifting? I don't either, but I know it's really good for me. Do you also beat yourself up about not making enough progress? Yup, been there too. About the only thing I do on the list is skip diet foods. Sorry, but they just don't taste as good. I've found cutting back a little on portions helps me more than anything else. So I eat 3 chicken strips at Chick-fil-A instead of 4. I order fruit instead of fries. I cut back on diet soda and just drink more water. Make sure there's a veggie with most meals. Stop eating so much bacon on my Jersey Mike's subs. It all helps.

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