Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I found a training plan!

Just like the vast majority of bloggers out there (this is a statistic I just made up), I follow other blogs. One of my favorites is found on active.com, and it's all about running. Through this blog I came across a 12 week training plan for those just trying to complete their first half marathon. It recommends that you have a base mileage of about 10 miles per week before getting started, and that's what I'm working towards. When I was training for the Peachtree last summer, my average mileage per week was anywhere from 10-12 miles. You sign up for the mailing list, and you receive that week's training plan in your inbox. If this were my first week on the plan I'd be running these distances:

Day 1: 2 miles
Day 2: 2.5 miles
Day 3: 3 miles (long run)
Day 4: 2 miles (recovery run)

I can do this! There is some more verbiage about how to warm up and cool down and when to stretch, which is awesome. If you're planning on adding some structure to your training, check out some available training plans online. If a site requires payment, don't pay. I paid for my Peachtree training plan last summer, but it came with sessions with coaches and informational seminars. If all you're looking for is a training schedule, they're available for free.

I'm collecting these weekly emails so I can start training with the whole plan ahead of me. It falls right in line with the goals I had set up for myself anyway. Beginning January I should be able to run 3 miles like I used to, which sets me up perfectly for that first week.


pmcd20 said...

Ya really good training programs available for free. A girl in the gym today sent me on a good site with programs to cater for different levels of fitness. Also other good tips on the site. Best thing is that there free.


Diane said...

Thanks for the link!!