Thursday, August 26, 2010

Will I have more free time?

I just finished my penultimate class (I love that word!), and my final class meets Saturday mornings starting next weekend. I'm thrilled that I'll have weeknights to focus on running and that running on Saturdays isn't terribly disrupted. The question is that does this new schedule equate to more time to run? I have a feeling I'll fall somewhere between yes and no. Will I run more? Yes, but not as much as I'd like. That's all good though. Getting some runs in is better than no runs.

Here's what I'd like to focus on through the end of the year:

Get back in decent shape and run the annual Pumpkin Run 5k at the end of October.

Focus on endurance and try to build my base up to around 15 miles a week. Then once the new year comes I will begin adding to that base for the half marathon in March. Speaking of which, I need to sign up for it - this race is way more expensive that the 5ks I usually run but it makes sense. There are a lot more resources involved with the planning and execution of this race.

Like all my exercise plans, I'll do my best and see where I end up. During non-running days I'll try to box more. It's such a fun work out that even if I'm not super serious about it I'll enjoy it. Plus my arms might end up looking hot like Michelle Obama's! LOL!

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