Saturday, August 21, 2010

Running Music

Do any of you listen to music when you run? I haven't in a very long time because I found messing with an iPod while outdoors meant I was too distracted by it. First, it marks you as a target for thieves (Rex is a cop, so I can't help but think this way). Second, I spent more energy focusing on what was playing rather than my form. Third, my iPod kept freezing on me which just pissed me off. I may invest in a nano to avoid this problem in the future.

I've recently begun enjoying a lot of dance music, which is perfect for working out in general since it has such fun beats and is meant to get you moving. Since I'll be running a lot this winter, I've been considering using the free fitness center in my workplace and using an iPod (or some other MP3 player) to help pass the time. Treadmills are extraordinarily tedious. Like running a mile on it is sometimes the worst thing you could do. If I'm going to be serious about that half marathon I will have to use the treadmill if I want to make sure my training is consistent.

To give you an idea of what I will be listening to, here's what I've recently compiled:

Lady Gaga (love her!)
Kylie Minogue
Black Eyed Peas
Britney Spears (yeah, go ahead and laugh at me now)
Ke$ha (I think I hear the laughter from here! Talk about guilty pleasures lol!)

I'm thinking of checking out Katy Perry's latest album, but we'll see. Amazon makes it WAY too easy to download this stuff. I'm going to have to put myself on an Amazon ban for a while. Last time I spent this much time on there I ordered a pair of $85 Guess pumps. Speaking of which, they're on their way!!

Sorry guys, this post started out generic but ended up being super girly. Have I mentioned that one of my favorite things about running is buying cute running clothes? Gotta find whatever motivates you!


McBreezies said...

Haha when I run I mostly end up listening to Eminem (he's so angry that you can't help but run harder) and Hardstyle. Hardstyle is a genre of techno music with a four by four beat which is nice and quick. If you can run to the beat you do your best.
heres an example:

Diane said...

Thanks for the link! I can certainly see why that kind of music works. It certainly reminds me of a military cadence.

MJ said...

I've stopped listening to music when I run, mostly because I want to be aware of what's around me. But I'm thinking of using it again for shorter runs around my neighborhood. I like to run a couple fast songs, then one slow song to rest a bit.

Diane said...

You know, once I got used to not having music outdoors the sights and sounds of being outside became very soothing. I think it's almost like meditation, which is another reason why running (even a bad run) can be such a stress reliever.