Monday, October 26, 2009

I might as well call this "Diane's thinking about running" Blog

I really meant to run today. I swear! Then I woke up with a nasty sore throat and sneezing and a runny nose. Seems like the only thing running around here is my nose (okay that's the last bad joke). I've read that you can usually run through a minor cold and be okay, but why? I feel crappy! Crappy enough to skip work. Normally I'm all about missing work, but I am so bored today. At least work provides something resembling a distraction.

Don't say I wasn't productive though. Here are a few links to nourish your minds:

Map my run - Some people love this site because it helps them decide where to run and how long that distance is.

100 Beginner Running Tips - I especially like number 25. - Great place to search for local races. - A great place to find groups of all interests, not just running.


Si said...

Thanks for those Diane. I used MapMyRun for a while, but got sick of all the upselling (asking you how you smelled after a run and advertising foot deodorant if you said you were bad) and in your face advertising.

I now use, which seems to have all of the functionality but looks nicer and has less advertising. (I'm not anti-ads, btw - everyone has to make a living!)

Diane said...

Thanks for the link! I myself have not been totally impressed with mapmyrun, but I know lots of people who swear by it.