Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Man I love this fall weather!

You never realize how hard it is to run in the summer until it begins to finally cool off in the fall. Take today as an example. It was in the 60s, cloudy, a little humidity. Kind of a dreary day until you start to run. Then you realize that compared to temps in the 90s, high humidity, blaring sun, and pollen to boot, this is amazing weather. I ran my goal today of 15 minutes, 10 for cool down. 15 minutes isn't a long time, but I've been so bad about getting back into the routine after the Peachtree in July that I'm trying to take it easy. I'm adding quickly to the minimums though since the weather is great. Next time I'll shoot for 20 minutes, and hopefully by the time Halloween comes along I can hit 40 minutes.

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