Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Big Pumpkin Run

This was the first race I've ever participated in twice. I feel like my racing career has begun to mature! Well, maybe mature isn't the right word LOL. I haven't really done any real running in 4 months. But considering how lax my training has been, my time wasn't too bad! I came in at 42:16, a respectable run/walk time I think. I had several friends there with me this year, which made it really enjoyable.

The weather ended up being sort of icky, but it certainly made the day more memorable. The weather forecast couldn't decide if it was supposed to rain, but I brought my hat anyway. Luckily I was correct in wearing it, because it poured! We were soaked through before the race even began, and the rain didn't let up until we were all good and done with the race. At least we didn't get hot LOL!!

The organizers made a smart decision this year. For those who fell into an elite category (those with 5k times of something like 20 minutes or faster) got to move up to the front. My only complaint about this race is the lack of etiquette from fellow participants. Lots of people walked all over the course, making it hard for runners to pass. Many who were running stopped suddenly with no regard to those behind them. Hopefully, since this was sponsored by a church, word will spread about how to make it a more enjoyable race for all. I even heard one woman complain that even though she knew she was slower, she made her way to the front of the pack and didn't care if people behind her had to go around.

Since the race was on Halloween this year, we saw some people dressed up in costumes. The organizers promised a costume contest for next year, which I think is a great idea. Once the race settled in, I ended up running close to a couple dressed as penguins. I tried to beat them, but was barely behind them. There was also a woman dressed up as BatGirl and another dressed as a bride. Of course we had a few pumpkins as well. A friend asked if anyone would be dressed up as the tortoise and the hare, which I wish had been thought up before the race. I could have been the tortoise and Red could have been the hare!

This was the race experience I was looking for. Fun, enjoyable, and lighthearted. I've had it with races that take themselves too seriously!

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