Monday, January 18, 2010

Training and the heart rate monitor

I think I need to read the whole owner's manual for the heart rate monitor I have. Rex and I used it this afternoon for our quick run, and it worked like a charm. I turned it on, and it calculated everything. When I use it indoors it doesn't like to calculate calories burned, at least when I turn the GPS off.

So last Saturday was an intense circuit training session. Lasting almost 50 minutes, I ended up being so tired by the final round that I couldn't complete the workout. By the end of the night my abs were really sore, and I spent all day yesterday having trouble getting up from a seated position. It's not injury, but very tired abs. Woohoo! I focused a lot on my core, so this was to be expected.

Today we ran the walk/run combo of run 3 minutes walk 2. We covered 1.8 miles, which is really slow for the 37 total minutes we were out. I spent most of my time getting Rex to try and maintain running during the 3 minute periods, but it was good we went out. Tomorrow and Wednesday I have class, so the next time we'll run will be Thursday. Saturday we're planning on a more intense running session with the group, so that will help a lot.

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