Sunday, January 10, 2010

Circuit training

Atlanta has been in the midst of some horrible weather lately (we had snow....snow!!!), so my friends and I hit the gym for some working out. We all hate the monotony of the treadmill, so I told them how to use circuit training for a good anaerobic workout. Only one friend actually did this with me, because the guys all decided to show off to one another how much they can lift or how well they can punch, but we all got a great workout in nonetheless.

We worked out for 37 minutes, and I know this because I used my new heart rate monitor! When I plugged it up to the computer it said I only burned 97 calories, but my arms are killing me today, so I know I got some good exercises in. I'm very concerned about making sure my whole body is in better shape for the Warrior Dash, so it worked out well. Rex focused a lot on his core, which I'm very thankful for because that will prevent back injuries down the road.

For those that don't know, circuit training is hopping from machine to machine, exercise to exercise to keep your heart rate up. For example, I did three rounds of cardio, free weights, weight machines, and push ups. Make sure you're paying special attention to form because you don't want to hurt yourself while doing this. That's worse than not working out at all, at least it is for me because it's so demoralizing. I only spent about 5 minutes on cardio and one set of exercises for the rest. After cardio, 10 push ups, 10 arm curls, and a whole host of other stuff times three, I was exhausted!

With Rex now on a better work schedule, we'll begin working out together more often. It's nice having a partner because we can hold each other accountable and motivate each other. Now if the weather would just warm up...

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