Thursday, January 14, 2010

How to shed belly fat...according to Yahoo Health

Yahoo has this article up about how we can lose belly fat by focusing on diet and exercise. I think it has good information, however it's really the same stuff we've been hearing for some time now. Eat smaller meals through out the day, exercise 40 minutes a day, focus on lean protein, etc.

I've come to a slightly different conclusion to our weight problems. We eat way too much sugar. We don't even know we're eating sugar most of the time. That whole wheat bread you used to make your sandwich? Probably has high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). The yogurt you're eating as a snack? Unless it's plain, it has sugar (again, most likely in the form of HFCS). The healthy granola bar you like to stash in your purse? Once again - SUGAR! Check this article out about healthy foods hiding massive amounts of sugar.

I can really see how our taste buds have adapted to all this extra sugar. We now crave it constantly. Good example: I bought way too many jelly belly jelly beans to see the movie Avatar on Sunday. What I didn't mindlessly eat in the theater ended up being eaten at home. Once they were gone I was sad and began craving more of them. Nothing tasted good after I ate those jelly beans. Even Coke Zero wasn't sweet enough. Knowledge is power, but even though I know better it's hard to avoid that sugary temptation. And I don't even really have much of a sweet tooth compared to the general population!

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