Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Forerunner part two

So I used my new heart rate monitor on Saturday, but it wasn't during running. I unfortunately didn't realize I had to change modes on the monitor because I supposedly only burned 35 calories for 20 minutes of anaerobic exercise. I know that's not long, but I figured it would be closer to 100 calories. I liked being able to see my heart rate, but I have a lot to learn about all the different settings. The software allows me to schedule different types of workouts and then I can compare how I do once I begin to compile more data.

In place of running Rex and I used a DVD that Red gave me. It was 20 minutes of constant moving, and my calves were tired from all the bouncing around! I'm sure the cats thought I had gone nuts. It's unusually cold in the Atlanta area (17 is not an acceptable temperature!), so running may be a little hard. Rex's schedule changes this weekend so we'll try to run in the afternoons when we're both done with work. It's going to be freezing!!

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