Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I'm broken

First, I realize that I have more than likely developed lactose intolerance. Then my tummy starts to hurt really bad last night....the muscle around my belly button was so tender I could hardly stand up. Now I have heartburn. It's official. My guts have rebelled. They're trying to escape any way possible. Belly button, throat, whatever.

It's more than likely stress (although not the lactose intolerance....damned Asian genes finally taking over my European genes). My in-laws are in town and I just finished school stuff for the time being. I love my in-laws, but having people over causes stress, no matter who they are.

I want to run so badly!! GAH! No time! At all!! *sigh* /whine.

On a more productive note, we're still excited about the Warrior Dash. I just need to find time to work out. We'll see......

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