Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The mileage build up begins

Today was the first time I've run 3 miles outside of a race. I still hate the treadmill, but at least it offers me a way to train without being out in the freezing night. I would wake up early and run, but I hate waking up early. Plus it's all icy outside and the last thing I need is a fall that busts my butt.

I'm trying to build up the mileage slowly and consistently so I don't get hurt or burn out. I feel a little stiff even though I remembered to stretch, so I'm going to stretch again tonight before I go to bed. I would like to see me hit 3.5 miles by this time next week, and I think it's very feasible. My ultimate goal is to hit 7 or 8 miles before running the Peachtree. I figure if I can run more than 6 miles I will have a much easier time of running a 10k. I just can't wait until Spring arrives. Running outside is awesome!

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