Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm back!! Sort of...

First let me start with a wholehearted Thank You!! I received well-wishes from people I hadn't even known were reading my blog, and it made a big difference while I was sitting at home pretty much feeling sorry for myself. Here's what happened...

If you don't know already, I live in the US. I know there are a couple international readers here so that was to let you know that we drive on the right side of the road and sit on the left side of the car. I was in the process of turning left onto another road when a car three cars behind me decided to pass on my left in a no-pass zone. Needless to say he t-boned my car and sent me and Rex flying into a bunch of trees. Luckily I missed the giant tree that could have killed us and only hit the small tree. The car (formerly known as Growly because she was kind of noisy) is now dead. *sniff* I didn't actually like my car, but damn it it was my car! I had just finished paying it off and only had 3 short months without a car note.

I guess I hit my head pretty freakin' hard when the guy hit me on my side (driver's) of the car. The concussion was on the left side and gave me a migraine for more than a week. I actually don't remember the accident because of it. I ended up going to the emergency room and getting a CAT scan to make sure the head trauma wasn't too severe. I couldn't keep any short term memories in my head at all that night. I'm told I was like Ten Second Tom from 50 First Dates. I think the funniest part of the night was when Rex told me I had steered the car away from the giant death tree and my response was "I have ninja skills!". I can laugh now because we're all better. At the time I'm sure I was very scared.

So anyway, here I am. I finally went back to work today after missing all of last week. To add insult to injury I came down with a nasty head cold two days after the wreck, so I spent most of last week also getting over that. Hooray! Rex came out of the wreck with some whiplash, which was pretty painful.

I have a race this weekend called Guns 'n Hoses. It's a charity run held by Cherokee County's police and fire departments. I am still planning on going, but I'm also planning on taking it easy. I'm going to run where I feel comfortable, but if my head starts hurting I will be walking. The last thing I need to do is reinjure my head. I meant to run tonight but I'm still running around trying to deal with the insurance company. Since the other driver was at fault, I am arguing with them about how much they should pay me for my totaled car. I also have to deal with the rental I was given, getting stuff taken care of for the old car at the body shop (it's just hanging out there), and trying to find a new car for myself.

I will be a much happier person once all this stuff is done!!

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