Thursday, July 22, 2010

We have got to start eating more organic produce!

That's my first thought in reading this article, which describes why some researchers believe we're becoming more and more obese. It certainly explains why some people, especially those who eat good diets and get light to moderate exercise consistently, can still be overweight. Turns out we need to limit our exposure to plastic more than we thought too. The article also talks about grass-fed meats, which I have talked about in the past. I'd love to eat more, but it's hard to find. The one thing I do consistently is drink filtered water at home, which the article suggests eliminates a lot of those obesogens. Isn't the name of those chemicals telling? It's combining obese with estrogen, which is the hormone these chemicals mimic - estrogen causes women to gain weight more than men.

Long story short, I think this just confirms the fact that we're killing ourselves with our environmental choices. I also think that because I happen to be middle class I can help myself limit the exposure my family has to these chemicals because I can afford to buy glass containers, filters for my water, and organic produce. The sad part is that those who are poor will continue to suffer due to their lack of resources. Some may label me as a bleeding heart liberal or communist (labels I am comfortable with, although I am certainly not a communist), but I think we ought to get rid of exposure to this stuff on a national level. Stop buying this garbage, and companies will have to change their ways. Ask your congressmen and women to pass legislation that forces companies to change their ways. Once the US gets on board, the rest of the world will change too.

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