Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oh the familiar feel of lactic acid in my quads!

So I did manage to run yesterday, despite having left my running shoes at home which meant I had to come all the way back to the house and ended up running in my neighborhood instead of at the Greenway. I took it easy since it was so hot outside (hovering around 93F). As I was running I looked down at my GPS/heart rate monitor and realized I had already completed half a mile and was coming up on three quarters! And I felt good! So I finished the whole mile, although the last tenth or so I was pushing it. I then mostly walked back to the house, so all in all it was 1.66 miles of awesome. Considering I haven't trained in so long it was a nice surprise to do so well.

I did stretch last night after the run, but apparently my legs decided that yes they had worked and that yes I would feel it today. I'm not hurting really, but my quads are letting me know they need some time to work out that lactic acid. It's all good. I'll run again on Saturday. I'd run tomorrow but I have the air conditioning people coming out to finish installing a new unit. Let me just say that paying for two new units makes me cry. Oh well. At least I'll super efficient units for the rest of this incredibly hot summer. It's hot even by Georgia standards, and we have hot summers. There's a reason it's called Hotlanta.

Upcoming races? I feel like such a liar. I said I'd run the Possum Run. Nope! I said I'd go back to Clyde's Run. Nope! Maybe I'll try Old Soldier's Day Race? I dunno. Rex and I are trying to get back into the habit of running (he really really wants to run more yay!!). I'll have to see how I feel in the coming weeks. I'm just super excited that I could fit my flabby behind into some size 6 jeans at Ann Taylor Loft today LOL! No, that's not ginormous, but it felt good to me to see the jeans look good. I would have been pleased if the size 8 jeans looked good too.

You know, speaking of jeans, I gotta make one soap box comment about clothing in general. Ladies (and gents), please just buy the clothes that fit properly and look good on you. The size doesn't matter. If it happens to be bigger than you'd like, it's just a label. Wear what looks good for you and you'll end up being sexy and more confident - all of which makes you look slimmer anyway. If you can't get stuff off the rack (and who can these days? I'm not a fit model!!), find a great seamstress. Fit the largest part of you (hips, butt, chest, whatever) and tailor the rest to make it work. Cool? /end soapbox moment

Btw, one of my cats just sneezed all over me. Gross!

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