Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving - here I come!

I love Thanksgiving. I mean really love it. The food, the friends, the family, the start of Christmas shopping. It's all fantastic. That being said I don't give one hoot about what's good for me or how many calories I eat on Thanksgiving. Why worry?? It's a day of fun and festivities! I'd like to participate in a Turkey Trot, but I didn't have time this year. Maybe next year.

Speaking of running though, Rex and I are beginning our Warrior Dash training this Saturday. I've already gotten him good running shoes and the weather is cool enough that he doesn't have to get up early to run. We're beginning with a walk/run routine and will gradually build up to running about 40 minutes straight. The Warrior Dash is at the end of May, so we have time but I'd like to see good fundamentals started now. A friend of ours has a workout program on his computer that's supposed to be awesome, so we'll get that soon and start working on it. My goal for him is the same goal for me - get fit. Since many of the obstacles in Warrior Dash coincide with police agility tests, Rex is training for something fun while taking care of his work requirements too. I'm really looking forward to having my hubby as a training buddy!!

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