Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sticker shock

So remember how I was wanting to buy more organic meat to make sure I was eating more Omega-3? Since the roast I wanted to get today was more than double the conventional meat was ($16 vs $7.50), I got the conventional. Here's something else I discovered though. Just because the meat is organic doesn't mean the animal was fed grass only. The label said "vegetarian fed". Corn is vegetarian. I don't feel bad about skipping the organic now, but I will have to forgo the organic meat option for now and just try to eat more leafy greens.

On another note that is money related, I may have to break down and just get a gym membership. With the weather cramping my running style (I haven't run in over two weeks), and Winter and its daylight saving garbage, I won't reliably be able to run outdoors. Unfortunately the gym costs money, while running outside is free. This will have to be mulled over for a bit.

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