Friday, September 11, 2009

Did you know....

That your weight is largely determined by genetics? I find the publication of this article to be ironic because my friend Atalanta and I were just talking about this very subject over the holiday weekend. We can't all be lithe and modelesque. It's simply not possible. My mother has a tendency to harp on me about my weight. It appears that I have a typical Asian relationship with my mom in that no matter my weight, I am overweight in her eyes. This from the woman who feeds me more than I could possibly eat in one sitting. Luckily for me I developed a love for good food, not an eating disorder.

Anyway, the reason Atalanta and I were talking about this was because we were remarking on the genetics of our respective families and how there was a shock felt in the fashion world recently about how a plus-sized model posed nearly nude....with her belly not as perfect as it "should" have been. She was sitting with her legs crossed, bending forward and her belly touched the top of her thighs. The picture is found here. I personally think she looks gorgeous, and that she has a body most women in America envy.

The reason my mom has a hard time understanding my weight and why it's different from her weight at my age is this: my dad. He is a little overweight, but he does come from old British-isles stock. He's short, muscular, and built like a log. Consequently I'm a little stockier than my mom. That's okay. I'm fit and healthy and that's what matters.

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