Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ever feel like no one understands?

We see and hear from trainers who look like they haven't had to struggle with losing weight. We read advice from folks who say that it's easy to lose weight if we just quit eating so much and exercise more. Everyone's struggle is a little different and unique while there are some unifying factors, but when you're trying to lose weight you probably feel as I sometimes do. I want advice that works for me or at least get advice from someone who understands how I feel.

Well, there's one guy who is trying to put himself in his clients' shoes. This trainer is deliberately putting weight on so he can try to lose it. He's understanding the addiction to processed foods and soda, knows what it feels like to find clothes don't fit regardless of the size, and how self esteem is so deeply tied to appearance. I say that while it's dangerous for him to put this kind weight (his blood pressure is quite high), I'm glad to see he's willing to take a second look at weight loss.

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