Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Been doing a lot of thinking...

I know I had been certain in the past about running the half marathon in March, but since I've been dealing with the new job I've had to reconsider. So here's the deal: if I can commit to training after work two days a week, a long run on Saturday and a recovery run on Sunday I can manage the 13.1 mile distance. I've done it before, and mentally I know my body can take it.

I've been rethinking nutrition as well. I think my problem last time with the issues after the long runs is all about electrolyte balance. I think if I took salt tablets before the runs, drank water during the run, then drank Accelorade during recovery after the run I'd do a lot better. I've learned a lot more about how to properly carb load and how to eat during the week.

Something else to consider is where to train. I learned the hard way that training on a totally flat surface is awesome - until you get to race day and realize that it's all hills. I really feel that the hills added 15-20 minutes to my time. No, I wasn't trying to beat some kind of time but I did notice the difference. So I will need to find some hills to train on and work them into the training program.

Part of me really wants to run this race again. Another part says sit your butt on the couch. What choice will I make? I have a self-imposed deadline of Thanksgiving. I need to choose by then so I can get back into the training mode necessary to start seriously training in January. I also need to pay for the registration.

This is definitely a moment where life seems to get in the way of our fitness goals, but regardless of committing to the half marathon I am aiming to start running regularly just to run. It's just easier for me to have a goal to work towards. Who knows? Maybe this time next year I'm debating whether or not to run the full marathon :)

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